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Cślestis in 2015 and 2016

Peter Doig donates his painting and autographs Cślestis wine label Peter Doig supports Cślestis and WWF
Peter Doig the renowned contemporary artist participated in the 'Cślestis Art and Wine' project to raise funds for WWF.
His artwork commissioned by the Cślestis association and kindly donated by the artist was sold at charity auction in London for a stunning amount of £40 000!
Cślestis biodynamic wine from the prestigious Ch‚teau Fonroque Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classť vintage 2011 adorned with a label mirroring the painting of Peter Doig was also auctioned for WWF together with paintings on the theme of wine donated by art students from different countries.
100% of proceeds went directly to local WWF in various countries as usual.

Cślestis MEDIA RELEASE - 2016, PDF file 845 Ko

Cślestis in 2013

Frances Fisher with Caelestis organic wine & perfume for WWF-2013

Frances Fisher - the hollywood celebrity with Cślestis biodynamic Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classť from Ch‚teau Fonroque autographed by her and the luxury organic perfume 'Cślestis fleur de vigne' (vine flower), both auctioned for WWF

Cślestis 2013 charity auctions for WWF MEDIA RELEASE - December 2013, PDF file 419 Ko

"Cślestis fleur de vigne" (vine flower) luxury organic perfume for WWF MEDIA RELEASE - December 2013, PDF file 493 Ko

Cślestis in 2012

TRANSATLANTYK 2012 - Jan A.P. Kaczmarek next to Grazyna Lallemand proudly shows Cślestis which he autographed

Jan A.P. Kaczmarek - the Oscar-winning composer ('Finding Neverland') holding proudly Cślestis which he was the first to autograph in support of WWF. The wonderful fruit of his inspiration is "Cślestis Impromptu"

"Cślestis Impromptu" MEDIA RELEASE - February 2013, PDF file 411 Ko

Cślestis MEDIA RELEASE - February 2013, PDF file 146 Ko

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