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World wine production and consumption of 241.9 million of hectoliters (180 billion US dollars in sales) (12),
of which a minuscule part is organic (2.89%)(13), have a real impact on the environment.

In agriculture, the sector of viticulture is the largest consumer of chemical products issue of synthesis
(artificial chemical fertilisers, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides) (14)
Notice the difference:
Primeurs 2014 - impact of viticulture

In order to guarantee the lack of chemical residues in the soil and grapes,
conversion towards organic viticulture takes 3 years plus another year for bio-dynamics (15).

Ladybird - organic agriculture symbol

Attention: Unfortunately tiger bones are still used in wine in Asia.

Cælestis for WWF

It is incumbent upon us to demonstrate that thanks to existing know-how,
another way more respectful of the human and its environment is possible.

Also, we are going towards the expectations of consumers who become more and more conscious and sensitive to ethical issues,
while demanding more ‘natural’ authentic products of higher quality without additives (16).

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