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1. PARTICIPATION in international Cælestis CHARITY AUCTIONS for WWF

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Only 15 bottles to share between 3 continents of Cælestis fine and rare biodynamic wine with an original label each year autoghraphed by a celebrity and the wine producer, exclusive art and other exceptionnal luxury items, not available on sale in stores, are auctioned regularly for WWF
All proceeds from Cælestis charity auction sales go directly to local WWF

If you would like to buy Cælestis please get in touch: caelestis_celeste [at] yahoo.fr
We will keep you informed about the forthcoming auctions near you and explain how to participate

2. PARTICIPATION in fund raising for WWF with Cælestis

Be part of the first international 'green' project to raise funds in aid of WWF at an international level as well as awareness, as did previously students from various countries, the Oscar-winning composer, the Hollywood actress, the renowned contemporary peinter, as well as schools and contributing companies.

We welcome your ideas.

Please get in touch: caelestis_celeste [at] yahoo.fr


Promotion - please make Cælestis known around you so that we can collect maximum of funds for WWF.
Please LIKE and share our FACEBOOK page
Media – if you find any mention of Cælestis in the media, please let us know to enable us to update our internet site.
Internet – if you think this internet site can be improved, more references added or changed, please let us know.
Other ideas - any innovative ideas are welcome


We rely on your vigilance. Please let us know if someone is abusing the brand Cælestis and its image.

With many thanks
WWF tiger poster auctioned by Cælestis in aid of WWF
If you are unable to participate in Cælestis please support your local World Wildlife Fund in another way

The Earth and the Sun

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