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Cślestis continues with the novel ecology-oriented 3ec-TV channel which contributes '1% for the Planet'

Cślestis 2015 - 2016

Caelestis 2015 bottle black Peter Doig painting - Caelestis for WWF

Cślestis Exceptional International Charity Auctions in aid of WWF
with 100% proceeds for WWF in various countries!

black WWF bear poster

All proceeds raised benefited WWF in: UK, France, Portugal, Poland, Canada, USA, China and Hong Kong.

Cślestis association raised in aid of WWF through the charity auction of a unique watercolour (specially commissioned by Caelestis) by the renowned contemporary artist PETER DOIG a stunning amount of £40 000!

PETER DOIG's original artwork showing a vision of the moon in relation to Cślestis biodynamic wine was specially painted for the association Cślestis and was kindly donated by the artist (gouache and watercolour on paper, 13 3/4 x 9 3/4 in., 35 x 24.75 cm) - photo credit: Richard Ivey.
Peter Doig is a well known artist for other masterpieces: Rainbow Tunnel, Swamped


Additional £710 was raised through CAELESTIS CHARITY AUCTION FOR WWF online thanks to MCTERAR'S AUCTIONEERS in Glasgow, UK. The following items associated with Peter Doig's symbolic painting were auctioned:


-> Cślestis BIODYNAMIC WINE of Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classť from the prestigious Ch‚teau Fonroque adorned with a label mirroring the painting of PETER DOIG, vintage 2011 paired with vivid, lively works by upcoming artists from various countries on the theme 'vineyard', 'grapes' and 'wine'. Caelestis case with biodynamic wine label by Peter Doig


Caelestis for WWF - painting donated by Thiphaine de Lafforest, France "Young vine" (30 cm x 50 cm) oil painting painted with a brush by Tiphaine de Lafforest,
student at the CPGE applied arts 2nd year at the 'lycťe Rive Gauche', Toulouse, FRANCE.
Description by the artist: 'The painting represents young Syrah vine during the first harvesting in the vineyards of my grandparents in the 'CŰtes du Marmandais'. The emphasis is put on two grapes as well as central leaves which have a higher level of realism.'

Caelestis for WWF - painting donated by Ewa Dolecka Mloduchowska, Poland
"Grape souvenirs" (70 cm x 50.5 cm) drawn with pastels by Ewa Dolecka Mloduchowska,
hobby artist graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Warsaw, POLAND.
Description by the artist: 'My sweet grape souvenirs are associated with hot Mediterranean holidays.'

Caelestis for WWF - painting donated by Hope Flynn, CANADA
"Harvest" (30 cm x 42cm) acrylic paint with brushes on canvas board by Hope Flynn,
student at the OCAD University, Toronto, CANADA.
Description by the artist: 'As the daylight breaks, it illuminates the vineyard. The light exposes the harvest grapes that will eventually be picked up and brought to a winery to become a flavourful wine.'

Caelestis for WWF - painting donated by Hope Flynn, CANADA
"Glimpse of Pure Happiness" (24 cm x 30 cm) acrylic paint with brushes on canvas board by Hope Flynn,
student at the OCAD University, Toronto, CANADA.
Description by the artist: 'My painting captures a moment in time, where one feels the happiest. This woman feels the most joy when she tastes pure wine while watching the starry sky.'

Caelestis for WWF - painting donated by Anna Zdebska, POLAND
"Reminiscence" (40 cm x 40 cm) painted with acryl paint on canvas by Anna Zdebska,
hobby artist from POLAND who graduated from the art school Rosetta Art Centre, London, UK.
Description by the artist: 'My inspiration for healthy living in complete harmony with nature wherever people live.'

Caelestis for WWF - fan of panda donated by Mr. Li Li, China "Panda fan" (length 33 cm)
donated by the generous Chinese artist M. Li Li for WWF

Attention: Unfortunately tiger bones are still used in wine in Asia.

Close to the stars... Shining as new stars, upcoming artists artwork propelled by the master Peter Doig becomes an extraordinary artistic journey through the world vineyards accompanied by the wonderful music "Cślestis Impropmtu" of the generous Oscar-winning composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek. This video is freely accessible.

All Cślestis biodynamic wine labels
Caelestis biodynamic wine labels

Cślestis wine labels were designed by Grazyna Lallemand and the famous contemporary artist Peter Doig, autographed by celebrieties: the Oscar-winner Jan A.P. Kaczmarek (music to the film 'Finding Neverland') and the Hollywood actress Frances Fisher. Cślestis wine originates from the prestigious Ch‚teau Fonroque Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classť and the back-labels are autographed by its renowned producer and oenologist Alain Moueix.

Cślestis in 2013

Cślestis organic luxury perfume for WWF endorsed by Frances Fisher Cślestis for WWF case & biodynamic Grand Cru Classť wine

In total only 15 hand-crafted original cases in the shape of a book made of ancient wood each containing a bottle of Cślestis Grand Cru Classť vintage 2010 from Ch‚teau Fonroque and a bottle of the specially created by French students rarest organic luxury perfume 'Cślestis fleur de vigne' presented in an exclusive hand-crafted perfume bottle were auctioned for the benefit of local WWF:
- USA, New York, 17 Dec. 2013, "online" Cślestis auction for WWF USA raised $1125
- UK, London, 20 Nov. 2013, - The first "live" Cślestis auction for WWF UK at Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions
and "online" with Bid For Wine raised £730
Cślestis original wine label was autographed by a representative of the American continent, the famous Hollywood star - Frances Fisher (*).

All the proceeds go directly to local WWF as usual.

Cślestis charity auction for WWF in London 20 Nov.2013. Jennifer Marcotte and Anthony Bennett - Director of Development WWF UK with Cślestis biodynamic wine and Grazyna Lallemand - Cślestis Founder who presents organic perfume 
		'Cślestis fleur de vigne' (vine flower) to the main host Sephan Ludwig - Executive Chairman of Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions

In August 2013 the Cślestis founder Grazyna Lallemand, participated in the 3rd edition of the ďTransatlantykĒ - International Film and Music Festival in Poznan, Poland to thank Jan A.P. Kaczmarek for his contribution to the Cślestis project:

Thanks to Jan A.P. Kaczmarek from Grazyna Lallemand at Transatlantyk-Rozbitek, Poland, August 2013 Jan A.P. Kaczmarek with Cślestis Foundere Grazyna Lallemand at Transatlantyk International Film & Music Festival, Poznan, Poland, August 2013

Cślestis in 2012 auctioned for the first time

We are very grateful to the first generous anonymous buyers of Cślestis for their contribution to WWF.
We are also thankful to all the people who helped us to create the first Cślestis and organise the first auctions.

USA, New York, 9 Jan. 2013 - Cślestis auction "online" for WWF USA raised $1500
UK, London, 27 Nov. 2012 - The first Cślestis auction "live" and "online" for WWF UK was a great success. In total £825 were raised.

Cślestis auction in London 27 Nov.2012

This auction consisted of two parts (5 bottles only were auctioned, each in its own original ancient book-case with an inspiring nature photograph):
- in the presence of special guest; ĖPatrick Laine - WWF UK Representative and Cślestis team: Alain Moueix - renowned producer and oenologist from the Ch‚teau Fonroque and Grazyna Lallemand,
guests enjoyed the pre-auction cocktail with the premiere of Oscar winner Jan A.P. Kaczmarek's music "Cślestis Impromptu" and the ďofficialĒ ďTransatlantykĒ International Film and Music Festival bio-dynamic wine.
- at 7:30 pm took place the "liveĒ charity auction of Cślestis at DREWEATTS Bloomsbury Auctions, 24 Maddox Street, London W1S 1PP, and "online" bidding via BID FOR WINE


Cślestis launch at Transatlantyk 2012

POLAND, Poznan, 16 August 2012 - Launch of Cślestis with special thanks to Jan A.P. Kaczmarek at the ďTransatlantykĒ ĖInternational Film and Music Festival, introduction of the WWF POLAND

Cślestis charity auctions are carried out annually and all proceeds donated directly to the WWF in each country where the auction takes place.
Each year a different vintage with a unique and original label signed by a celebrity is offered.

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