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Caelestis biodynamic wine label 2015 black
Caelestis signature by Peter Doig 2015 black

Cælestis LABEL 2015

The image

This magnificent and powerful symbolic image in relation to biodynamic wine is created and donated by the renowned contemporary artist Peter Doig


Caelestis label 2013

Cælestis LABEL 2013

The image

Closed to the Stars..., close to the Earth... This original Cælestis label symbolizes the link between the heart of this biodynamic wine and the cosmos which has influenced its creation. "The form reveals the essence" used to say Master Eckhart (1). The one of Château Fonroque Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classé is represented here.
The wine is a living organism and has an energy field, like all living organism, shown by this intriguing image obtained by an analysis called bio-crystallization method (2) (formation of crystals from organic macromolecules by living organisms).
The shape of the crystals, how well they are organized, their intensity and density show different sections. The centre recalls FRUIT, further away from the centre the middle rim is the VEGETAL section while the outer rim shows the MINERAL character. The greenish colour of the outer rim indicates the organic/biodynamic character of the wine. Bio-crystallization visually demonstrates the presence of formative forces acting on living organisms which emanate from the Earth, the Sun and other planets.
Whether we will benefit from this vibrant energy surrounding us depends on our attitude and understanding of the holistic approach to Nature. It is up to us to make that choice...


Caelestis label 2012

Cælestis LABEL 2012

The image

is in relation to the name of the brand Cælestis and consists of 3 elements:
° the human
° “his house” – the Earth represented by the eye
° and “his neighborhood” – the galaxy of the Milky Way of which the Earth is part of.

This label represents a part of the human face on the background of the sky (reference to the name of the brand) looking east.
The sky background refers to our belonging to an ‘ecosystem’ of the Universe and our dependency on its forces (sun – energy, influence of cosmos on bio-dynamics, etc.).

The Cælestis eye

symbolises the Earth seen from space, which is a blue planet (71% of water).
Since we are able to appreciate it from space we have better realised its fragility and its uniqueness.
Turned towards the east, where the sun and hope rise towards better future, the eye symbolises our focus on and vigilance about our actions concerning “our common home” - the blue planet.

The bunch of grapes

refers to wine which is considered as a « noble » product, convivial, incrusted in our culture with a connection to Nature. Furthermore, it can have some health benefits (although prohibited to pregnant women and persons not having the legal age for drinking alcohol) (9), if consumed with moderation (10) and if originated from organic vine growing (11).
Since a long time it invites itself to our tables, not only to the one of the God (it is an important symbol in the Christian religion).

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Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health. Drink in moderation. Consume responsibly.
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