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Cślestis for WWF

Grazyna Lallemand & Alain Moueix from Cślestis with Patrick Laine WWF UK
Grazyna Lallemand and Alain Moueix from Cślestis with Patrick Laine - Director of Corporate Partnerships WWF UK, at the first charity auction of Cślestis, London 2012


Thanks to Cślestis dedicated to WWF we are helping to finance the WWF projects, we confirm our ethical choices which will contribute to sustainable development as well as heighten public awareness in different countries about a way of production and consumption respectful of everybody and the environment.

Cślestis represents the beginning of a commitment of the Bordeaux region towards sustainable development...

We hope that Cślestis will succeed in awakening your imagination and encourage you to turn to organic/biodynamic production and consumption.

Please support WWF to allow this organization to protect our environment on which we all depend.



Cślestis is a French non-commercial non-profit-making charitable and educational voluntary association dedicated to WWF. It is the first association that raises funds for WWF with the support of celebrities at an international level and draws public attention to the environmental impact of production and consumption (of wine in particular).

Grazyna Lallemand - Cślestis founder Ch‚teau Fonroque vineyard where Cślestis wine originates Alain Moueix from Ch‚teau Fonroque - Cślestis co-founder

Alain Moueix - a pioneer in biodynamic Grand Cru Classť and Grazyna Lallemand wish to share their passion for nature,
for biodynamic wines and a philosophy of enjoying a lifestyle that respects the harmony between nature and men,
by creating Cślestis symbolic brand dedicated to the leading environmental charity WWF which is sold regularly at charitable auctions.
Eric Lallemand has joined us as our volontary editor, translator and photographer.

Caelestis has inspired Grazyna Lallemand and Eric Lallemand to co-found the novel ecology-oriented 3ec-TV channel which contributes '1% for the Planet'.

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