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The website www.caelestis-bio.com is owned by Grazyna Lallemand. The site is dedicated to the WWF and in its entirety is covered by French and international laws concerning author’s rights and intellectual property. It is strictly forbidden to represent, use or reproduce the form or any content of the site www.caelestis-bio.com without prior written consent from Grazyna Lallemand. Any such consent would in any case include the obligation to clearly and legibly display a reference to the address of the website: www.caelestis-bio.com. Any hyperlink to this site must respect the same principles. The use without consent from Grazyna Lallemand of any image, text or graphics will lead to prosecution.

Caelestis is a Registered trademark by Grazyna Lallemand no. 3847504, date of delivery: 20/07/2011, delivered by: INPI Bordeaux, France
Caelestis brand is a non-commercial brand dedicated to WWF.


The information posted on this website is designed to portray the Cælestis for the WWF. The accuracy of this data is periodically checked and regularly updated. Errors or omissions beyond the control of Grazyna Lallemand may however occur on the web pages that make up the site. Grazyna Lallemand will in no circumstances be held liable for any direct or indirect loss (especially any financial or business loss or any loss resulting from damage to programmes or data) that may result from the use of its website or the data or information displayed on the site. Grazyna Lallemand also declines all liability with regard to any damage that may result from the use of hyperlinks on its website or from the viewing of any websites to which these hyperlinks connect. It is specifically pointed out that Grazyna Lallemand has no control nor responsibility over the content of these websites. Each web user is therefore responsible for taking all the necessary precautions to make sure that the websites (s)he selects does not contain viruses or other destructive software.


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